Who Is Michael Karl?

Michael Karl is a Corporate Speaker and Mentalist for Fortune 500 companies. These companies include MARS, PayPal, Indeed, Toyota, AT&T, Priceline, Cablevision, NBA and many more. He appeared on several media channels for demonstrations such as predicting headlines, duplicating drawings, and reading the minds of his audiences.

Michael is constantly asked to speak at corporate events about the psychology of sales, communication skills, body language, and much more due to his innate ability to read the human body and it’s ‘micro signals’. In 2008 Michael demonstrated his unique take on psychology and body language by fooling a polygraph test given to him by law enforcement.  

The American Marketing Association (AMA) referred to Michael as “a modern day Sherlock Holmes.”

Indeed.com has stated that “having the opportunity to work with Michael Karl has been an eye opening and amazing experience.”

Michael started out in magic when he was just 6 years old and began performing professionally at the age of 14. He was soon more interested in the psychology behind the magic. Michael was intrigued by human behavior and wanted to know why people do what they do and how to influence others. This led him to develop skills to become a psychological illusionist or Mentalist.

Michael’s Mentalism act has allowed him to travel the world performing on cruise ships, at college universities, for corporate events, conferences, television and radio. In 2009 he became one of the official magicians of the Orlando Magic and even performed at the NBA finals that year (unfortunately the Magic lost to the Lakers in 5 games).

While entertaining a group Michael began his speaking career by accident when everyone was in awe by his mind-reading demonstrations and wanted to learn more. The CEO of a major corporation asked Michael to train his staff on these secret strategies in order to get an edge on the competition. Michael not only speaks but demonstrates how to read social cues and read people. Understanding these abilities and how to use them will make anyone more successful in business and life.  

Soon entrepreneurs and companies around the world asked Michael to speak to their groups due to how engaging his presentations are and how specific his advice is. Today, Michael performs and speaks to Fortune 500 companies around the globe to demonstrate this unique approach to his craft.