Segment Proposal: April Fool's Day

Available For In-Studio Interview...

April Fool's Day Trickery

On average, people tell two to three lies in a ten-minute conversation.

-Study from The University of Massachusetts in 2002


According to Michael Karl, deception expert and trainer in the art of deception, “We are lied to everyday and don’t even know it, whether it's by our spouse, friends, colleagues, children, or strangers."


In this segment Michael will share with your audience 3 simple strategies to be aware of when reading any person and determining whether or not they are being lied to; The truth is written on all our faces.



Visual Prop Demonstration:

  • Michael will bring a Rubik's Cube and ask your host to think of a color on the cube. He will read the micro-expressions of the hostto determine what color they are thinking.


  • The host hides a coin in either hand and then Michael will read body language to tell which hand the coin is hidden in. (see photo on right)


Michael pointing to which hand a hidden coin is concealed in by using these Lie Detection strategies.