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Thinking Outside The Box


'Thinking Outside The Box' - An Unconventional Yet Effective Approach By An Unconventional and Effective Speaker. Michael Karl will engage your audience with powerful magic and mind-reading demonstrations and then reverse engineer the thinking that goes into each illusion. This will open the minds of your audience and have them 'Thinking Outside The Box'

  • Secrets to Creativity
  • Powerful Problem Solving strategies 
  • How to Reverse Engineer a Solution 
  • Uncover a New Perspective
  • Discover empowerment strategies 
  • Creating Opportunities for ourselves and others

As a Magician and Mentalist Michael makes his livelihood by thinking differently and making the impossible possible. In this program your audience will be taken down the same path that Michael uses when reverse engineering a magic trick but geared toward everyday problem solving. This action packed program will engage your audience with thought-provoking strategies that will enhance their later thinking. This shift in perspective will shed new light on problem solving and have your audience 'Thinking Outside The Box'

Here is a video of a standing ovation I received along with some Facebook comments from attendees of a conference I presented at over the summer. 

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